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Memory Card Recovery Software

  • Non-destructive and read only software to recover files from memory card.
  • Equipped with powerful built in algorithms to identify and recover deleted files from memory card.
  • Recommended by most of the industrial experts in the field of data recovery.
  • Provides effective help to retrieve SD card data and other types of memory cards
  • Best support team provided for queries regarding the product.

Reviews and Testimonials

With the growth in the technology, the demand for cell phones is increasing on day to day basis. Phones released in the current market come equipped with advanced features like FM, media player, internet etc. Users can have one device with features instead of purchasing different devices for the sake of each application. Due to this advancement everyone wants to have their own phones and users grew in large amount. With all its significant features aside, the internal storage size remained stable. When users download music, photos and store the files on their cell phones its internal memory could become full and lack space to store large files. Hence the need of external memory came into scene.

Memory cards were developed for use in phones for external memory which works like hard drives. Unlike hard drives, memory cards were less prone to physical damage. But whichever type of storage device it might be, once in while it may face some type of data loss. When files are lost or deleted from your memory card opt for a recovery tool and regain them back. Memory Card Recovery software is the best recovery to be used in such data loss cases to retrieve files from flash memory card.

Often loss of vidoes can take place from digital cameras. Card recover tool can help you to get back all videos from various camera brands such as Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Olympus, Fujifilm, etc. whatever may be the reason for loss.

You may end with losing files from XD card sometimes. Don't worry!!! You can get them back using recovery tool. You can also recover files from XD card of different brands.

Reasons for data loss from Memory cards:

  1. External threats like Trojans, worms are the most common reason for data loss from memory cards.
  2. Files content get damage and become inaccessible when memory cards are abruptly handled by users.
  3. You lose files from memory card when a file transfer is interrupted by a system shutdown or due to device with low battery.
  4. Users may accidentally or manually delete files from memory cards and cause its loss.
  5. When the format button is pressed by users accidentally it causes the loss of all the files saved on your flash memory cards.

Features of Memory Card Recovery tool:

  • The content of the recovered files can be viewed with a “Preview” feature equipped in this software before restoration.
  • This software can restore corrupted memory card data from various types of memory card such as SD card, XD card, MMC card, CF card, SDXC card, SDHC card, etc.
  • Besides helping you restore deleted files memory card it can help you to recover files from storage devices like HDD and external devices like memory cards, flash drives etc.
  • Recovered files can be sorted on the basis of its unique file properties.
  • It supports restoration of files from popular brand of memory cards like Sandisk, Kingston, Sony etc.
  • Media files deleted using the delete combination keys can be regained back with the help of this tool.
  • It supports damaged memory card recovery in case of memory card corruption due to handling of flash cards improperly. To know more about restoring damaged memory card visit this link:

Steps to restore files memory card:

Step 1: Download Memory Card Recovery tool to your PC and perform installation to restore memory card data. Connect the memory card to your device and make sure it is detected. Launch the application and select “Recover Photos” from first screen.

Restore Memory Card - Main Screen

Main Screen

Step 2: Select either “Recover Deleted Photos” or “Recover Lost Photos” from the displayed second screen. On selecting it the software pop ups a screen to select the memory card drive from which you lost the file. Select the drive and click on “Next” option.

Restore Memory Card - Select Mode Screen

Select Required Option

Step 3: When the scanning process completes, select and preview your file from the displayed list of recovered files and restore it back to your system when you purchase the product.

Restore Memory Card- Preview Screen

Preview Restored Pictures

Tips to prevent data loss from memory card:

  • Save your files in more than one storage device or location.
  • Install antivirus and protect your PC from malicious programs.
  • Prevent loss of file due to power surge by using a UPS for constant power supply.

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